Red Tilapia

Red Tilapia is a not a particular species of Tilapia but its name given to different man made Tilapia variants that is red in color. These variants are done by selective breeding, due to their popularity in certain markets.

Like any Tilapia, they reach marketable size around 500 ~ 750 grammes in about 6 ~ 8 months from fry. High protein feed will result in faster growth.

Tilapia will reach sexual maturity about 4 ~ 5 months, however its best not to let them breed until they reach around 500 grammes in weight. Too early will result in stunted fish or weak fry.

Genital papilla of Tilapia is located right behind the anus of the fish. 

Male has one single opening and female has two openings.

Need to practice to get it right, also using food colouring smearing the genitalia area do help in getting better identification.

Above Tilapia fry after removing from parents mouth. Its easy to breed Tilapia all you need are one male and few females kept in a tank after about 2 to 3 months you sure gonna have plenty of fry.

Few weeks old Tilapia fingerling above, feed them with rice bran and crushed fish pallets.

Frenzy feeding once they are large and hungry.


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