Stevia Rebaudiana - Update 16th May 2011

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Its flowering and from feedback that I got during this period it has a bitter sweet taste. Actually I not using it yet these few plants just to provide base stock for my trial.

I decide to trimmed this plant, remove all its flowering branches and let it concentrate on growing.
Nobody says that we must maintain its flower, so off it goes. Concentrate all your energy towards growing. I need more healthy cuttings for new plants.
Its a bit dark when I snap these shots, the cutting that I plants after a week it still surviving.
All the sugar flower, it has a nice fragrance to it. Very refreshing.
The ones that I just planted also flowering, will snip off those to get the plant to concentrate on growing.
Both blooming.


  1. i like what you are doing. please share with me your experience about this flower.
    did you put this stevia to the aquaponics system ? how fast its grown ? whats the weight of a plan ?
    please hit me back if you have time . :) have nice day

    1. My previous set was demolished and the test was not completed, I need to redo om my new set which is almost maturing now.