No Pain No Gain

Another growbed need replacing its lumber support, its rotting. This is one problem that I very much afraid that would happen when I least expect it.

Little choice did I have except replacing it with fresh lumber, I seriously have to think of something else other than lumber to make these growbed support maybe I'll try concrete beam next.

Since I have to empty the growbed, might as well redo it to make it better. So, I decide to put 2x4 lumber bigger than previous 1x2 so that I could do 12" growbed... yeaaaaa... !!!
2x4 in place, next would be fresh set of siphon. I decide to go small, its a 25mm siphon except the bell and outer strainer is reduce in size. This siphon is the normal 25mm stand pipe but I use 32 ~ 25 reducer making it small enough to use the 50mm bell with 82mm uPVC as the strainer.
This siphon above use the same strainer as my mini 20mm siphon. So the bell and strainer pipe is same size, this will make it easier to fabricate. My only reservation is roots growth, being a smaller strainer its would be difficult to get access inside it. However from my previous experiences roots don't really did much harm in the setup.
All cover up, its not exactly 12" but close, this blue tub height is 12" so there a bit left to fill but not that critical.

One by one I am planning to upgrade to 12" growbed, it does takes time. Normally I wait for something major to happen only then I do it. Its a hard work to do it all in one evening after work,  I'll sleep like a log tonight.

Update 4th May

Plant Turmeric in this bed, I'm redoing this plant to see how it grow in thicker growbed. This is a good cash crop since its leaves is use for flavouring. Matured leaves fetch about USD 0.10, and this plant can provide cash flow if grown in higher quantity.
These Turmeric are from growbed next to this.


  1. waa... 1 foot growbed is coming.. 2x4 timber is quet strong enough instead of 1x2.. need strong support due to weight of gravels.. good luck

  2. Concrete beam may provide long term solution...

  3. @Rashid Tq
    @Bangchik, true kayu always reput... need t chk whetehr they sell prefab beam about 4ft long.

  4. what is the purpose of the sloted top peice??

    1. That is an optional item, the most it will prevent smaller pebbles from dropping into the siphon if bell is removed for maintenance.