Just an Update - 7th May 2011

Its been slightly more than a month I trimmed this Kesum (Vietnamese Koriander) plant and this is what its at today, another week it will be ready for next harvest.

Doing this small time, I am assessing this plant how long it takes between harvest and how much we could get per harvest.
Keladi (Vegetable Yam) improving and new foliage sprouting out, anxious to see suckers coming out its base.
I'm putting Sambung Nyawa plants in between those yam just to give this growbed more plant mass to support. This is the growbed that I am testing the PET bottle siphon on a 20mm stand pipe siphon.

Shoots below is a good sign, and these are edible
Its been about 3 days after I transplant these Kunyit (Turmeric) and just my luck the sun coming on full force. I had to continuously run my water pump 24/7 for the first 2 days just to make sure this "new" growbed and the new transplanted kunyit not having any problem.
Its always a good sign to have few insects, this could be close relative of the fire fly. I don't know what it is, but insect of the non destructive variety is always welcome.
Below, outlet spout of the 20mm siphon with the PET bottle funnel, its working fine for the last couple of weeks. Just let it be no more tweak or adjustment to this siphon.
Q. What is a good siphon ?
A. A good siphon is when you forget that it exist.

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