Updates - 2nd May 2010

Not much been happening, waiting for those seeds that I sow to germinate. I got the feeling that's something wrong with it.

Been raining on and off, causing water logged in the sowing tray. I need to put fresh seed, because apart from the three seedling nothing else germinate. Thanks to Amir, he pulled out those 3 when I am not watching. He may have though its weed or something.

I cut up few "Sambung Nyawa" and gave it to the Tilapias, its good for their diet. Its best to give them early in the morning where the leaves are softer and Tilapias are hungry.

Kangkong is easier for the Tilapias due to its softer leaves, Sambung Nyawa are harder.

Tilapias having a go at their new feed.

Its advisable to throw the leaves with their branches so that it will not clogged the pump and easier to pick up the left overs

Another type of leaves that Tilapia eat is Tapioca leaves which is  also being use for catfish.

Duck weed is popular, but Tapioca, Kangkong and Sambung Nyawa are easier to cultivate here.

Siphon haven't give me any problem, sometimes I forgot that they are there.

Updates - 030510

After 24 hours, all leaves being strip off the branches.

That's more of it where it comes from... 

That's all for now. 

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