Aquaponics - Nostalgia

Found these old photos, of my 2nd generation setup.. the 1st gen I am unable to locate the photos. This setup was before I make the existing siphon.

The siphon design is straight stand pipe with some holes on the end I'm experimenting at that time.

The reliability is unpredictable, only one growbed due its very difficult to get it going without fault.

You can see from above photo, its very close to the design that I use today..., this is almost the time where I shouted "eureka" and its works without problem. 

The holes on the end of the stand pipe was for an experimental siphon, it have a bell within a bell... I am trying hard to make it cutoff ... it work but the inner bell keeps dropping of the stand pipe.

Water flushing over a very long drain tube....

Fish mostly goldfish and KOI

Due to difficulties in getting it to work properly, I only have one growbed... and conduct all experimenting on siphon from this one growbed.

Now its so easy... no more guessing game and worries whether "Will my siphon works... tomorrow" and "what is it to make it stop" kinda questions....

During this period I never try siphon with breather tube on the side, not sure why. It could be that I did not notice that design, its a blessing also otherwise I may be stuck with it and do not experiment further to get other alternative.

Just to share some of my earlier... trials and errors... wish I could find my first set up photos.... that's is priceless to me... 


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