Home Kit - Dismantling

Today I had to dismantle my home kit, need the space for something else. Learned a lot from it and I must say its a successful setup giving plenty of herbs for the kitchen.

Fishes and plants I've transferred to my main set up and I'll concentrate on this main set from now on. My experimenting on siphon more or less over for the time being and I am set to continue with checking few plants and vegetable next on my Aquaponics experiments.

I have not decide what to do with it, my in law is moving few doors away and they are keen to have it in their backyard. That's a good idea, I still can check on it every now and then.

I am also thinking of redoing it, using 2 smaller growbed instead of the current big one. In this case its more of an experiment. A nursery growbed with removable tray with smaller growbed material is what I have in mind.

So until then the setup will be stacked in the alley behind my backyard.

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