Not Posting For A long Time

To All that has been following me on either this blog, tweeter, facebook or recently Instagram. I have not been posting any thing lately due to the heavy workload I am facing at this moment.

I will be posting again after this nightmare is over and once situation under control.

My Aquaponics set are running well, I now only have one #gutterbed set at the back lane. Most of my experimenting with Aquaponics is over ever since I manage to get the #gutterbed to work.

I am starting to do more and more plant testing and getting the best from the #gutterbed set.

I will also be making less or not at all posting on Facebook, because they are too intrusive in my opinion. I am more incline towards Instagram at this current time as affnan_aquaponics.

Thank you for your understanding.


  1. Hi Sir. Just start following your blog. Good effort on writing it. I do find it is much easier to keep track on the posted entry in blog than facebook. You could also make updates in your blog using your smartphone using merely your internet browser such as Mozilla or Chrome. I normally do it on the go as the idea could be easily transferred and published whenever I am ready. The same goes with the pictures or video for the blog. I do not need to use any apps to post for my blog entry. Just an opinion for a fellow blogger. Hope it could help. This is my blog link Just started on gardening in order to achieve better and healthier lifestyle ^_^

    1. Thanks for your comment, I had use the android apps Blogaway Pro, now I am using it again to blog on the go.