Titbits 6th October 2015

What's happening to my aquaponics today.

Kailan in the #guttergrowbed getting bigger, altho they are generally thin by normal standard.

Only four pots of Kuchai in the gutter, and all are fine. Cut and gave away as usual.

Two pots of lemon grass showing good root growth.

Mint goes without saying, they had to be constantly trimmed to keep under control.

One of the rosemary cutting I planted earlier didn't survive, redo and wait.

Kailan in the CRAFTS set doing well too, there is one grasshopper feasting on it. Only one, so it's ok. Don't think this little fella will eat much after all, as long as it doesn't "call home" I'm okay with it.

Cili Bara producing chillies as they should, has to keep a close watch on fungus infection.

Making a mini #guttergrowbed set with a barrel as fish tank from surplus gutter that I have laying around.

Leeks surviving and showing root growth, will wait and see what happens.

And last but not least, I bought a flower pot stand, those waist high unit. It's for me to work on potted growbed without having to strain my back doing it at ground level.

BTW.. The haze is still bad, it starting to affect my aquaponics plants.

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