Potted Media base Gutter Growbed Aquaponics Update 31st Oct 2015

It has been three and a half month since the gutter set completed, this is a video update on how the set is doing. 

The barrel gutter set is a later addition just about 3 weeks old.

Below is a video update of the setup.


  1. Assalamualaikum Tuan Affnan, Im Rizal from Port Klang, im interested to learn more about this new method. What's the price for a basic set of aquaponic? you may send me thru email at rizal.jumairy@gmail.com

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. W'salam En. Rizal. Thank you for the query, I encourage DIY on the aquaponucs set. I do not sell anymore.

  2. Salam boss,
    takde buat mechanical filter untuk waste dari ikan ke?

  3. Hi En Affnan
    I have been going through your blog and is quite interested in trying out aquaponics. I would like to try and build the single barrel gutter system that you talked about in the opening of this 31 Oct 2015 video. Can you please advise on the following:_
    a) what is the pump size requirement ( is it 1000l /hour?);
    b) the recommended siphon size (is it 20mm?).
    c) where can I buy a plastic barrell (I stay in Shah Alam but I can drive to Subang or KL).
    I think I can more or less figure-out the other things from your other postings and so I won't waste your time.
    Thanks and regards - Lok

    1. The pump size depending on Siphon.

      A. 15mm siphon will requires 500 lt/hr and a 20mm siphon 700 lt/hr. You could use a 1000 lt/hr pump but excess water need to be diverted. See "saddle valve" on how to do this cheaply.

      B. Recommended siphon for barrel is a 15mm with an outer strainer using 3" upvc. The same size strainer for the 20mm siphon. But not the strainer for the gutterbed. See my latest video on this.

      C. You can get the barrel from Sin Lee Enterprise in Kg Baru Subang. It is near Econsave Kg Baru Subang, Tel : +60378465136