Single Barrel Gutter Growbed Set

Making a small single barrel #guttergrowbed set from surplus gutter. Six feet of gutter leftover from earlier set cut into two and endcapped.

After hot glue the ends, do a leak check to ensure all in good order. I had to redo and check it few times due to leaks, but the fix is simple enough to do.

Two 3 feet gutter resting on the barrel, this is one of the remaining barrel that I use for the craft barrel set. No additional support required as long as small plants are planted in this #guttergrowbed.

I intent to put pots in one of the gutter and direct hydroton in another to test out. Since it's small, it will be easy to clean if needed.

All that's left to do now is installing the siphon and water pump.


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  2. Hi Affnan, how many fishes can you place in the barel?
    Thank you for all your work in aquaponics.

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