Overhauling My Aquaponics Set

Two of the growbed at the back were still having pebbles as the media. This makes it very heavy and I was so busy in getting it replace. Manage to replace the pebbles on the two with Hydroton and now its settling down to get thing growing again.

Pebbles growbed is heavy and making the container buckle under pressure and shear weight of it.

Plants in pots, this make it very easy to get things done.

The plants were temporarily place in the shade waiting for replant in the "fresh" growbed.

Emptied growbed, with the 25 mm siphon with the modified base. Internally this siphon still have the bell enclosure but without the crown cutting.

Close up of same, it work flawlessly without problem, to the extend we may forget that this siphon exist.

The second growbed, with same fixture.

Plants replanted, just shift it from another growbed. The pots make it easy and a quick way to get instant plants.

The other growbed with Garlic Chives, it was just temporarily removed to accommodate the overhaul.

There you go... :)

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