Ornamental Set Redo.

Its has been long overdue that I should set up these as it should. I was doing a lot of testing for the last 1 year on the various siphon sizes and pump capacity to get a trouble free set.

The three set was made last year and its been a troubling period that has most of my Aquaponics work on hold. These set above I finally able to set it up as it should and what's left are just the wiring to be tidy up.

Siphon used are the 20 mm and the 15 mm strainer bell, the one in the far end uses the 20 mm siphon with a 1000 liter/hour pump.

Water inlet is quite large for such a small set, and the cycle period is very rapid.

Center and the one on the right uses 15mm siphon with 500 liter/hour pump. Both these 20 and 15 mm siphon has been tested for one season and it did survive being in a small growbed with massive root all around.

At 500 liter/hour, the inlet flow is very small. The 500 liter/hour pump is very finicky and requires constant maintenance. I am still not satisfied with its performance.

There you go, next to plant... :)


  1. Hi Affnan,

    I really enjoy reading all your posts. You said "The ... pump ... requires constant maintenance. I am still not satisfied with its performance.". Have you ever considered the "air lift" system ? Some claim it can reach quite a high water flow, plus you won't have maintenance problems...

    Thanks again for sharing all your work.

    Regards, Jacques-Olivier

    1. Hi Jacques

      Thanks for the comment, I do tried before airlift. However that time the siphon I use were still relatively requires large water flow to operates. With my 15 mm strainer bell siphon with requires much less water inflow, it's now possible to have another shot with airlift.

      Thanks for reminding me about it.

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