New Scooters

OK I love bikes,, and has many over the years.. nowadays Scooter are the best for running around town or going to work as in my previous post on commuting scooter : Here with Amir on it.

Got myself a bigger bike the Kawasaki Versys 650 for longer distance and keep the scooter as commuting bike, its a great bike this Kawasaki. A friend of mine took this Versys from Kuala Lumpur to London over land via China Mainland without any problem.

Finally been idling for a while these bike, I decide to change to a smaller scooter and a whooper.. :) So get rid of the SYM 200 VTS Scooter and the Versys and got my self this tiny .. SYM VS 150 or the Excel II as its called in Australia.. Its new old stock got it for a bargain about USD1300.00 its a steal.

For the Whopper got this..... Grand Daddy of all maxi scooter.....

The BMW C600 Sport.. its a 650 cc Twin super fast.. and probably the first unit over here .. :) This scooter is a self reward for commuting to work these last 30 years on bike..


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