Tarakan Indonesia

Its my legal birthday on 9th Feb I am stuck here in Tarakan Island of the coast of Borneo.
Send there via Tawau Sabah Jetty (4.244453,117.878194) to conduct a class on ATR 72-500 Aircraft Familiarization.
 Its a small ferry took more than 3 hours to reach.
Interesting place but I only stayed there for 2 days, hardly can do much.

Stayed at Tarakan Plaza Hotel (3.303594,117.585305) its a clean hotel, but not much fun there.


  1. Whats the difference between a "legal" birthday and an "actual" birthday? Aren't they one and the same? I thought it was only our Queen who had the distinction of two birthdays.

    1. Over here where I am at, sometimes on the birth cert dates is not the actual date when we were born.. its paperwork error, where the actual dates was not recorded properly. To get it change its a big problem.

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