Update 2nd Oct

Okra doing will, those new ones that I planted. Remove most of them and only left 8 Okra plant in this growbed. Cherry tomatoes, those seedlings approximately 3 inches average. I need to wait another week before I can transplant them
These Cherry Tomatoes I will plant together with Okra, also on a dedicated growbed for it and on the single barrel set. I think 3 Cherry Tomatoes plant can be easily  grown in the single barrel kit. I was told that Cherry Tomatoes is a more resistant plant, and it will be a better plant to grow if you have white flies (Bena Putih) problem.
Their bigger cousin, those indeterminate type are getting even taller, I may need to make scaffolding to ensure they will continue to grow. Their fruits as picture are getting big.

Here are few pictures.

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