Single Barrel Aquaponics - Update 24th Oct 2010

I decide to redo my single barrel kit, the 15mm siphon requires too much water tweaking. It requires very small water inlet, I did divert excess water but since the pump is small it tends to clog easily.
Those Tomatoes plant show sign of yellowing leaves. I need to check water PH, adjust  and may add iron in water to reduce the yellowing.
Two changes done since last update on this set. Water inlet I redo from bottom and feed through to top of growbed, no more ugly pipes on the outside.
Another changes,  15mm siphon I replace it with 20 mm siphon, this able to use all water from the pump without diverting.
I also put a timer, to switches OFF at night, this will reduce pump maintenance and chances for it to fail is less.
Water has been clear, not much sediment, maybe because of few fish in this tank.
More to do on this kit to ensure it is able to produce comparable plant growth.

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