Uitm - Photo Update 8th Oct 2010

Received few photos from UiTM setup showing progress of their test on Aquaponics. It doesn't look encouraging due plants not doing well and fish dying.

The growbed was using two types of media for growing, coco peat and stones. This makes it difficult to do proper cycle and being short of time the system had not fully mature for planting. 

I do not have full write up on this, from my observation of situation. The Aquaponics cycle was not fully matured, insufficient pebbles and too large size use makes it even more of a problem to the setup couple with high water level causing algae to be growing in growbed.

Usage of Tinfoil Barb is not advisable due to this fish require high oxygen content in the water.

With all said, its a learning process for those involved with this setting.

ikan2 mati pada raya ke3 saya fikir disebabkan ph air.itu observation yang sy dapat lepas baca beberapa artikel tentang masalah ikan dlm sistem akuaponik.


  1. Assalamualaikum,

    Ribuan terima kasih atas pertolongan tuan dengan set-up kat UiTM tempoh hari.

    Segala kerjasama atas tenaga, barangan dan nasihat dari tuan adalah tidak ternilai.


  2. Interesting lesson.

    IMHO, lack of common sense killed the fish and the plant.

    Without a bio filter or strong adult plant to balance the system, putting semi-adult fish into the system is asking for trouble. The caretaker should learn NOT to feed the fish before those vege are big enough to absorb nutrient fast enough from the fish excrete. Otherwise, Throw in some duckweed, grow up kangkong shoot on the growing bed might reduce the nitrate level. Those plant can then be used as feed.

  3. @moot, time given to this person is not sufficient, trying to cramp lots of experimenting in such a short time causes this. Its like about 2 to 3 months for aquaponics is just not enough.

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