Single Barrel Aquaponics - Part 2 of 5

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Continue with making better water inlet control.

Close up of the water feed control, a ball valve in place to divert excess water from the pump. This valve need to be adjusted to control water diverted away from growbed.

The pump I use is rated 1000 L/hr, I may need to get a smaller pump, for a fixed setup I would prefer to not use the ball valve method but stick to lower capacity pump.

Video of the setup


Bought another pump, this time smaller and its rating 7.5 watt / 500 L/hr flow rate. Its still more then what needed, have to still divert some excess water but not as much as compare to the 1000 L/hr pump.

This pump price RM 23.00 about USD 7.00. So far this brand is good the first pump of this make I bought still running after more that 2 years of usage.

After assembling the set I realise, the cut out I made for the bottom part should have not cut all the way to the top. I should have left about 1  to 11/2 inches of the top part so that the barrel mouth have a continuous rim around it. This will make putting growbed on top more secure.

Above diagram illustrate this.

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