Single Barrel Aquaponics - Part 3 of 5

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4 Bags of gravel totalling 80 kilograms in the growbed, so far its holding. I need to see is there any sign of stress to barrel rim.

Its already 3 days growbed loaded with gravel. This gravel is limestone base, I don't recommend this type of stones because they may cause your water PH goes high. If possible use river gravel they are more on the neutral side of the scale.

Its difficult for me to get river gravel where I am located.

I still need to get aerator and fixed up wiring to water pump and all set. Need to cycle for 2 weeks at least before I start planting. I may get another barrel to redo this one to make it better, but it may be a waste so until this one shows sign of breaking I will just monitor.

Updates : 24th June

The barrel is holding, this photo was taken 10 minutes ago at about 11:30 UTC 24th June

Redoing the water inlet to remove those ugly pipes and make it a clean installation with minimum of parts required. I just have a better idea on not using that ball valve to reduce cost.

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  1. buy granite aggregates thats what im using cheaper and more ph neutral. but irregular size tho