50 - 50 Shades

Finally I manage to get the shades done.. bought 3 meter of 50% shades and use existing PVC frame for support. This PVC tube is for electrical installation conduit, they are by far cheapest and easily work.

Restrengthen part of the frame with additional support and covering 2 grow bed that I've planted Kunyit and Sambung Nyawa plants. These plant need shade from the sun.

50% Shade that what the person told me, the next one is 75%, is that 75% of light pass or 75% of light blocked. Should have check it out properly, because ideally I want 75% ~ 85% light to pass through.

I'll replace it if its wrong, just have a go first at this one. Its about RM 5.00 per meter, about USD 1.40

I need to secure it to the frame and tidy it up before it rain and strong wind may blow it away. 

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