Update 13th Dec 2009 - Main Setup

It was very hectic for me this last few months, last minute request for various aircraft type courses around the world. Suddenly everyone want to learn.. :)
Its been quite a while since my last update. Nothing much change except the plants getting bigger and few fish gone to the pot.

My main setup above as you can see from the photo are stabilizing. Okra and chillies are my latest addition to the growbed.
BTW : That's my little boy Amir, he just can't help it wanting to be in the picture.

Chillies I planted, very slow to progress. This particular growbed the black tub are giving me problem that I can't detect from day one. Its identical to the rest but its having problem. The others, those Blue tub works flawlessly hardly any maintenance or adjustment. Could it be the color black giving any effect on the system.

Okra, I need to make a video on this one looking into the different sizes of the plant as it move away from water inlet. The bigger plant are flowering, will see whether it will fruit.
Those Basil bush, Mint, Water Celery and Viet Coriender are wild. These are easiest to grow and for new setup these herb is a good way to get started.
Fern, after the last trimming and replanting last October are recovering and showing sign of progress. Fern are slow growing if planted from sapling, they are good water purifier to make sure fish water is clean. They are also good at repelling pest, what if we blend some of these fern frons and make it into insecticide or something like that for other plants in the growbed.
An overview photo of the Fern that I planted on the ledge using rain gutter. High winds tend to uproot them occasionally. I need to do something for these fern. Those located further away from water inlet not doing so well compared to those near.
Fishes grown up, I did not add any new fish. I am trying to let those Tilapia breed and see. Few already gone to the pot and smaller one getting bigger.
More photo of the fish, water outlet from the flush are working like clockwork. I set timers to switch off the pump at night and switches on aerator.
Water outlet, some are flushing.
More water flushing and fishes. Those that make same flush system as mine hope you got great success. These that I use looks like it works without any problem - well except occasionally the one in that Black Grow Bed.
Ok that all for now. I need to make a video update but my SD card just not around.



  1. Affnan, can you share where did you buy those blue tubs?
    Many thanks.