Update 13th Dec 2009 - Home Kit

Back from LA, its along flight back. I lost my videocam SD card ahhh..!!! No video for this next few days.

Update of my homekit, its doing fine no problem what so ever. The flush works like clock work and no maintenance done on it. Sometimes it scare me seeing it work day in day out. That 12 watt pump sufficient for the job.

I installed a timer just before my departure to the States, cannot rely on someone else to switch it on and off for me.

Above pics, shown its flushing. The herb I planted as shown doing great and overflowing the growbed. They provide me enless supplies of Basil, Water Celery, Thai Coriender, Mint and other herb.
I have trimmed few times yet they just grow wild, gave it away most of the time I can't use all of it anyway.

Tilapia previously in this tank I've move it to my main concrete tank and replace with 2 Koi, 4 Barb and a gold fish. Testing out whether they can supply enough poo to the plants.

Water quality, looks good, its been long time since I last check for Ph value. Mostly it remain stable around 7 ~ 7.5 ph.

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