Aquaculture Resource Centre

Many queries I received on where to get Tilapia fingerling, so decide to do some scouting at various places that I had known.

One of the place is ARC or Aquaculture Resource Centre that has been in operation since 2008. They are located at Lot, 1761, Jalan Kubu Gajah, Kampung Kubu Gajah, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

Google Map : Here
Website : Here

ARC was set up by En. Mohd Hafiz Nordin and En. Hazarul Hafzam Mohd Zaki way back in 2008. Together they run the setup full time and En. Hafiz also assisted by his wife Pn. Farhana. During my recent visit did talk to them on Aquaponics and our requirements on tilapia or other fish fingerling. 

They primarily do Tilapia and Cat fish either supplying already process catfish, or live tilapia. As mention by En. Hafiz they can supply tilapia fingerling to those that wanted this fish. However they need to be inform in advance so that it can be ready and stock at their facilities in Sungai Buluh and best to order around 100 or 200 fingerling at a time with self collect.

I do not enquire on the price, because I will leave it to those that wanted it deal directly with them for pricing.

ARC has been in the business for more that 10 years and their facilities is in Sg Buluh, Rawang and Sungai Lui.

Those that want tilapia please feel free to contact them at their website as earlier part of post.

Photo with En. Hafiz from ARC.

Screen shot : courtesy of Aquaculture Resource Centre.


  1. Thanks bro Afnan for sharing.... tak sangka near my house ja..i will visit

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