Fresh Seedling from the Market

Few seedling bought from the farmer's market.

If you need seedling fast it best to get some from local nurseries or the farmer's market.

These I got for RM 10.00 for the whole lot, that's about USD 2.00


  1. Are you able to find heirloom Organic ceilings at the farmers market instead of going to the hardware store?

  2. Selamat malam bro Affnan. I live in Malaysia and would love to learn from you. How can I contact you?

  3. Salam Mr Affnan,

    Saya En Nazrin dari German Malaysian Institute (GMI ) Bangi. Saya selaku ketua projek bersama 4 pelajar Final Year Student amat berminat mengenai Aquaponics di Malaysia ini. Kami bercadang menjalankan project Automated Home Aquaponics System using Microcontroller. Jika tidak keberatan boleh saya dptkan email En Affnan untuk tindakan rasmi dari kami.. Terima kasih

  4. Thanks for telling it here and informing about plantation. I live in India and looking forward to plant some fresh seedlings as its the most suitable weather with perfect conditions for their growth.