Blooming Strawberry

It is too hot in February, few of the strawberry plants died and due to heat. All not lost, spotted a few bloom on few of the plants. I let it developed and see what happen.

Nothing to be proud off, but it's something to look forward to.


  1. Hi, affnan,
    pokok strawberry tu reput antara daun dan batang asas dia. En Affnan boleh rekomen ubat utk kurangkan penyakit tu?

    1. Saya masih mencuba pokok pokok ini, jadi.. belom mengunakan apa apa ubat lagi buat masa ini.

  2. Beautiful as always. I can see that leaves are curling may be due to heat. Nevertheless, they look green and lush and spectacular. Congratulation!!!

    1. This last few weeks was really hot.. they are affected badly.. I'm trying to get them through this next few weeks.

  3. Dear Affnan,
    I have followed his strawberry cultivation and would love to try as well. I am seen by Google Maps who live about the same latitude with respect to the equator.
    I love strawberries and its success encouraged me.
    I am sending you my location, you could send me yours?,-37.474756,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x7b9ce2c17e92af3:0xfc5043e8ffd15f0b?hl=pt-BR


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