Bettas Pump Replaced

Having problem with the Betta 6000 pump last few weeks, water flow has drop so much at times it's trickling into the growbeds.
Not good for siphon operation, especially these earlier growbeds which uses the 25 mm siphon.
Since I have a spare pump that I did not use, it is best just to reuse it before I get a more permanent solution. So the Resun Penguin pump re installed to the fish tank and in no time the flow is back at full force.
This pump output exceed what is required for 4 growbed, so I had to provide diversion at before the growbeds one on each side of the water feed.

The crayfish tank is using part of the diverted water.
Good flow, but the Resun pump is rated power is more that the Betta 6000 pump consumption.

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