More R&D on Aquaponics

This is one of the last two set that I am installing on request, I am stopping making these available due to time constrain and the limited stock of hydroton at this moment.
I will put more time on Aquaponics R&D and the smaller Ornamental set. This set above works well, I encourage DIY since all parts available "off the shelf" and it's a simple set to make.


  1. Are you optimizing for vegetable output? Based on many other systems I've seen the growing area looks quite small in relation to the water body but I could be mistaken. Any thoughts?

    1. This is a starter set, it can accommodate 2 of those growbed for this size of fish tank. As is, it should be good for herb and spices for the kitchen and about 50 Tilapia, This is not a serious set but it can be easily expanded as my CRAFTS setup :

  2. Hi, WHat are the size of the tank ?