Kids Micro Aquaponics

This is the final kit that I mailed to my Daughter for her "Show and Tell"
It is a slight refinement from set below that I use to test the very small siphon on.
It's works, not sure in the long run. But for a "Show and Tell" it will amaze people because of the concept. To get a siphon going reliably at this size is really difficult took me slightly more than a week to get it working without hiccup from baseline design. Now it's easy once I know what are the areas to look at :)
Growbed or more like a growpot or Tupperware is this plastic container which cost me a Dollar, the expensive part is the r&d if you could call it that.

At the moment this unit I can't make it available to anyone because my kid is using it for her school project. :) Please give her a head start and I'll share later.

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