Saddle Valve - What Is It

Made Saddle valve to divert water in case there is excess for growbed. Never document it properly, there are posting of it here but that is all.
This valve is made for one purpose only, that is to divert excess water from a growbed at the lowest cost and as simple as possible.
What you need is cut a piece of the delivery tube and make a slit lengthwise this is the saddle. Then place it over the delivery pipe and drill one or two holes or more through both.
That's it that's all you need to make a saddle valve, you can either rotate or slide it up or down the saddle to regulate water diversion. This valve is meant to be use within the fish tank since it is not water proof.
With this valve you don't need to buy extra hardware like a ball valve to do this job.
That's it, that my saddle valve.

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