Shutting Down is Hard to Do.

As my previous post, I am slowly shutting the system down to make way for my house renovation. I had already shut down two of the grow bed and over the next month or so the final two will be stop.
There are few tillapia left and I hope they will be big enough to make use or probably I need to release them into the local pond.
 Water is low, due to only about 100 fingerling left.
 One pump for the 2 growbed operation standard siphon.
Its sad to shut it down, these growbed provide me abundant vegetable and fish.
Above are few vegetable yam, and they are a good source of vegetable. I'll post the video updates, uploading it now.


  1. Hi Affnan,
    thanks for sharing info with us.
    like others I would like to know some sources for fish fries especially Tilapia.
    And yes I am in Malaysia, Selangor to be exact.
    Please advise :)

  2. Also, do Big Tilapia eat small fries and hence need separation or not?

  3. Amin, most Aquarium shop do Tilapia fry, but its best to get from Janda Baik area or some place like sungai congkak area.

    Bigger Tilapia do eat the smaller ones, but most of the time it manageable since its plenty to go around.

  4. Hi Affnan,

    Am interested to set up a small aquaponic from home. How can i arrange to meet or get the startup tank from you?

  5. Hi Affnan,

    I'm still just doing research before I set up a small system in my basement (in Canada) and I just wanted to let you know how helpful your blog has been to me. The posts regarding siphons have been excellent, and it's so nice to see your set up on video! So thanks very much, I'll keep checking back. (Hope your renovations are going well.)