Single Barrel - Update 14th Nov 2010

Update 29th Jan 2011 : Here
All well with the single barrel kit. I have put timer on the pump circuit to knock it off at night.
Its using a small pump, I have upgrade the siphon using 20mm stand pipe instead of 15 on initial construction and no water diversion from the pump.
Water inlet below, not much but it work. Occasionally it does go lesser than this, that's when I need to clean the pump.

Those dime a dozen fish getting bigger about 7 or 8 of them in the tank below.
These are the guys that give nutrient to the Cherry tomatoes plant .
Tomatoes plant, nothing to shout about. It does show proof that this tiny set can produce something.
Wait for those Cherry tomatoes to fruit, its flowering now.


  1. On the new siphon what size reducer did you switch to, 40/20 mm or 50/20 mm?

  2. Oh, and few more question, Since you changed from a bottom feed to a top feed, did you add the leek hole to the siphon?

    On the pipe going from the pump to the top of the grow bed, do you use the same size pipe from the pump or do you change the pipes size for the intake?

  3. Hi Jeremiah

    1. Reducer is one step down from 32 ~20 mm because the bell is same size as before. 40 ~ 20 won't fit without replacing the bell also.

    2. Yes, I re-introduce the leak hole, since I switches OFF the pump at night. Sometime the leak hold get blocked, not really critical to have it if you don't switch OFF the pump.

    3. Water feed I use 15mm PVC the original used, at the pump outlet I need to use electrical insulation tape to make it big enough to fit the PVC pipe.

    To make the pipe smaller at the pump end I use male threaded coupling with threaded part facing pump, the pipe will have a smaller inner diameter in the coupling, it fit better.

  4. is this the same barrel that you use on you video?

  5. @joseph, yes the same I onle have one barrel so far. Will make more once I have learned what's needed to be done to make sure all is okay.

  6. i was thinking what if the barrel overflow. will the fish stay within the barrel? Because here in the Philippines sometimes it rains so hard.

  7. Hi Joseph,

    The small overflow hole, in the barrel as picture above will take care of that.

  8. Jeremiah, no significant changes to make update. System running with few fish, it not able to give sufficient nutrient to plants.. I need to put more fish.