Pickling Chillies

What do you do if you have too many Chillies ? Answer : Pickle them !
I love pickled chillies especially the smaller varieties, great appetizer with hot rice. This is how I pickle mine.
What you need are fresh chillies and vinegar, its best to use natural vinegar either from rice, apple or grape and I use distilled white vinegar.  Wash those chillies and place them in a jar, pour vinegar to full and add small amount of table salt, just a bit half teaspoon or less will do. That's it.
Sometime I don't put salt. .Keep the jar at room temperature, it should be ready in 2 weeks time. 

You notice the chillies I put with stem and I did not remove it. There is a reason for it, well more like Old Wife's Tale actually. If you pickle it without the stem, you are more likely to get stomach upset after consuming it and you fell slight discomfort on the "rear end" after a trip to the loo.

Just remove the stem before consumption, this is also true about fresh chillies of this type, cook it with the stem. Don't ask me why.. it just work. :)


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