Aquaponics - 5th Nov Updates

Update 5th Nov - Old Fashioned Write up.

Home kit, plants getting more and growing rapidly. In another week it should be fully covered with plants.

Tilapia fingerling so far so good, few casualties as expected, I try not to overfed them this could cause dirty water and problem to fish health.
Same Tilapia below in the home kit.
My main setup, having transplanted the ferns to higher growbeds, these are whats left. Young ferns and with clear skies they are getting, should grow up in no time.
I've sown chilies in this grow bed, and they just sprouting out. This time I choose different variety. Its smaller and hotter too.
Below, Ladies Finger seedling some places call them Ocra, this is the first time I tried Ocra. They could get quite big when planted on ground.
Few shots of Red Tilapia in the main fish tank, they are about 4 months old.
Another shot of same, the Yelllow Tail Catfish and Climbing Perch I've removed and turn them into pickled fish. Tilapia are too big to be made into pickled fish, few are ready for the fryer looking at their size.
I am waiting for sign of Tilapia fry before catching the big one for the pot. Previously those Climbing Perch just ate all the Tilapia fry and now without them I expect some fry to be present.
Above fern on the ledge, they start to frons and soon will cover the entire gutter with ferns.


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