Kuchai - Chinese Chives

Kuchai or Chinese Chives, some even called it Garlic Chives scientific name Allium_tuberosum is a common vegetable in South East Asia region. This plant leaves and flower stalk are use as flavouring as well as stir fry ingredient for many dishes. One dish that come to mind is Char Kueh Teow
Tried so many ways growing this plant all failed in my attempt. They say it can be grown from seeds forget it, it's very difficult to germinate.
This plant is best grown from its perennial clumps below which just as difficult to obtain. This plants is only grown once and it will provide endless supply of fresh cuttings through out its life span.
Planted in Aquaponics growbeds at roughly six inches spacing.
It slowly recover at about 2 weeks and start to grow and after about 30 days it fully recover from the transplanting and ready to harvest after 40 days as shown below.
Its a healthy growth in Aquaponics for this plant, I'll still need to monitor on how best to adjust water level for this plant.
No fertilizer or any supplement were use for this plant, looks like it take to Aquaponics nicely.
Above and below Kuchai Flower and pods.
Cuttings about half an inch from growbed level.
Pick few cluster for dinner.
About 20 stalk, these from 4 cluster, just a single row from my growbed.
Above, what's left from one cluster. Let it grow like grass. This plant will grow at about 2 inches per day to about 12 ~ 18 inches in length. It will takes about 2 weeks to reach cutting height again.
Cut into short strip for stir fry with tofu and bean sprout.
yummy...... Vegetarian Delight.


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